Our practice areas

We are proud to provide specialized legal advice and services in the fields of human rights, family mediation and real estate law.

Family law

  • Will and protective mandate
  • Power of attorney
  • Marriage contracts
  • Marriage celebrations
  • Agreements between de facto spouses
  • Various affidavits (travelling alone with children, letter of invitation, etc)

  • Dissolution of civil unions
  • Sharing/renunciation of the family patrimony

Estate settlements

  • Will search
  • Declaration of transmission
  • Verification of a holograph will
    or a will made in presence of witnesses
  • Obtaining proof of death
  • Determining the heirs
  • Appointing the liquidator
  • Drawing an inventory
  • Partitioning the succession property
  • Renunciation of the succession

Real Estate Law

  • Purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties

  • Financing and refinancing
  • Servitude

  • Acquittance and release

  • Promise to purchase

Non-contentious Proceedings

  • Homologation of protective mandate
  • Tutorship to a minor or a major
  • Probate of a will

  • Letters of verification

  • Right of ownership acquired by
    ten-year prescription
  • Joint application for divorce on draft agreement

  • Other procedures

Family mediation

  • Children custody
  • Determining child support payments
  • Determining spousal support payments
  • Division of the family patrimony
  • Other rights arising from marriage or civil union